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Contains three cocktails (200ml):
– The Middle East
– Chet Baker
– Tulum
Each cocktail comes with its unique garnish:
Dried citrus fruit/Anise stars/Cinnamon sticks/Dried ginger/Coconut chives

Picture shown is for illustration purpose only


The Middle East
Many cultures, colorful people, special tastes and an atmosphere of joy and one big celebration These are the flavors of the Middle East, special and surprising.
Ingredients: Gordon’s Gin, Arak, Lychee Syrup, Citric Acid
Can be consumed on the rocks with a garnish of dried fruit/anis star
Vol. 16%

Chet Baker
To tell this drinks’ story we need to share the life of a famous trumpet player. His life was filled with bitterness, broken only by the sweetness of melody. A sweet rum based cocktail, infused with Jazz, pour it and press play.
Can be mixed with: Ginger Beer/Pineapple Juice
Ingredients: Captain Morgan Spiced, Martini Rosso, Angostura, Honey
Can be consumed on the rocks
Vol. 26%

Beach, sand, waves crashing around you, music in your ears. A light garment on your body fluttering in the wind, its vacation vibe. Tulum, The perfect vacation in your hand …
Ingredients: Captain Morgan, Aperol, Pineapple Syrup, Passionfruit Syrup, Citric Acid
Can be consumed on the rocks with a garnish of dried fruit
Vol. 17%

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