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* All of our cocktails are to be consumed within 3 months after opening
* We work with a food technologist to ensure maximum quality and shelf time
* Cocktails are based on unique formulas that give our cocktails a rich and unique taste
* All our cocktails are certified by a manufacturer's certificate
* Our products are Kosher under the supervision of the Rabbinate of Beit Shemesh

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Chai Martinez

Ingredients, London Hill, Martini Rosso, Chai Syrup

Chet Baker

Ingredients: Captain Morgan, Martini Rosso, Angostura, Honey

Pineapple Negroni

Ingredients: Martini Bitter, Martini Rosso, London Hill, Dried Pineapple

Coffee Old Fashioned

Ingredients: Jim Beam, Coffee Syrup

Black Manhattan

Ingredients: Jack Daniels, Amaro, Martini Rosso


Ingredients: Tequila, Aperol, Agave Syrup

Black Bear

Ingredients: Vodka infused with Black Tea, Martini Bianco, Orange Liqueur, Honey

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