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Contains four cocktails (200ml):
– Ruby
– Madagascar
– Black Bear
– Chai Martinez
Each cocktail comes with its unique garnish:
Dried citrus fruit/Anise stars/Cinnamon sticks/Dried ginger/Coconut chives

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Sparkling, shiny, strong and powerful. This is Ruby’s life full of passion, taste, aroma and endless love.
Ingredients: Smirnoff Vodka, Blackberry Syrup, Lemongrass Syrup, Citric Acid
Can be consumed on the rocks with a garnish of dried fruit/dried ginger
Vol. 17%

Breathtaking nature, rare animals and vanilla plants hiding like pure gold. This is the story of Madagascar, rare and mysterious.
Ingredients: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Wild Turkey, Vanilla Syrup, Citric Acid
Can be consumed on the rocks with a garnish of dried fruit/cinnamon stick/dried apple
Vol. 16%

Black Bear
Gaze up and see stars, as snow drops out of the sky. The sounds of a ski village, snow falling as you sit in a heated hot tub… out of the trees a black bear appears…, powerful and beautiful. Spiritu’s black bear… can you handle it?
Can be mixed with: Ginger Beer
Ingredients: Black Tea Infused Smirnoff, Cinzano Bianco, Orange Liqueur, Honey
Can be consumed on the rocks, dried citrus/cinnamon stick
Vol. 21%

Chai Martinez
The Indian Chai Masala, paired with London Gin and an Italian Vermouth, creating history in a bottle. A sweet drink with hints of cardamon, cloves and other spices.
Can be mixed with: Ginger Ale / Tonic Water
Ingredients: Gordon’s Gin, Martini Rosso, Falernum Syrup
Can be consumed on the rocks
Vol. 20%

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